Teijin Fibers Creates V4 Cationic-Dyeable Polyester Polymer

Japan-based Teijin Fibers Ltd. — a polyester fiber producer and member of the Teijin Group — has
engineered V4, a new polyester polymer that can be dyed to deep and bright shades using a cationic
dyeing process at ambient temperatures and pressures while possessing the strength of typical
polyester fiber. Standard polyester fiber dyed using cationic dyes must be dyed at
high-temperatures and pressures, which poses problems when the fiber is used in blended yarns
because many other fiber types cannot withstand harsh processing conditions without degrading; and
any existing polymer that was cationic-dyeable at lower temperatures typically was 20 to 30 percent
weaker than a standard polyester yarn, according to Teijin.

Teijin plans to develop multi-filament and non-circular cross-section yarns, as well as V4
textiles. Teijin will offer V4 raw yarns suitable for women’s wear, innerwear, sportswear and home
furnishings. Beginning in July, the company will introduce the first product in the line, Waveron
V4, which is a polyester fiber with a cross section comprised of four flat peaks.

As part of a global streamlining plan, Teijin Group will relocate all polyester fiber
production to group companies in Thailand. The Waveron V4 polymer will be the first product
manufactured at its new subsidiary Teijin (Thailand) Ltd.

Teijin expects total V4 sales to reach 1,000 tons each year by the end of March 2013.

April/May/June 2010