Cheil Donation Supports Sustainable Management Of Australian Sheep Grazing Land

South Korea-based wool processor and apparel manufacturer Cheil Industries has contributed
AUD$20,000 to the Australian Land Management Certification System (ALMCS) — a major environmental
initiative catchment-linked national certification system for land management organized by the
Australian Land Management Group (ALM Group). Cheil made its donation to support the natural
environment in which Australian Merino wool is grown.

“The inherent properties of Australian Merino wool have been crucial to the success of
Cheil’s Galaxy range of men’s suits,” said Mikyoung Shin, merchandising manager, Cheil Industries.
“We regard the continued success of our products as being fundamentally linked to sustainable
environmental management in Australia, and hence we feel a corporate responsibility towards the
Australian wool growing community.”

“The ALM Group believes that the best way of improving environmental outcomes in rural
Australia is to have a system that allows landholders and land managers to show their customers
here and overseas, as well as the general community, that they are responsible land managers,” said
Tony Gleeson, CEO, ALM Group. “Cheil’s initiative will help provide support for wool growers who
can demonstrate improving environmental performance.”

Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. (AWI) — a not-for-profit research, development, innovation
and marketing company owned by more than 29,000 Australian wool growers — arranged the agreement
between Cheil and ALM Group. Cheil has collaborated with AWI on various programs and projects in
the past. Jimmy Jackson, general manager of product development and commercialization, AWI, reports
Cheil’s donation will assist wool’s environmental credentials throughout the supply chain in ways
that recognize and reward wool growers.

April 21, 2010