Elmarco, Kyoto Institute Collaborate On Nanofibers

Elmarco S.r.o., a nanofiber technologies manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, has signed an
agreement to work on emerging nanofiber technologies with the Japan-based Kyoto Institute of
Technology (KIT). It is hoped the relationship will result in successful research that can be
applied to health, energy and environment related-applications.

Elmarco will furnish KIT with one of its Nanospider™ lab machines – a modular pilot nanofiber
production machine designed to be flexible and easy to operate. Because Nanospider’s technology
also is scalable, research results quickly and easily can be ramped up into full-scale commercial

“We are very pleased to announce the commencement of the joint research with Kyoto Institute
of technology,” said Kaz Nomoto, president and CEO, Elmarco Ltd. “We believe that this relationship
can create knowledge contributing to both industrial and academic fields.”

Dr. Masaya Kotaki is an assistant professor who will be involved in the nanofiber research.
He previously has contributed to the research and development of nanofibers, and has written many
articles and acquired patents on the subject. “The new agreement represents an important and
exciting partnership,” Kotaki said.

January/February/March 2010