DyStar, Alok Industries Sign Cooperation Agreement

Germany-based DyStar – a global provider of dyes, auxiliaries and services for the textile and
leather processing industries – has signed a partnership agreement with India-based vertical
textile manufacturer Alok Industries Ltd. The two companies have agreed to collaborate in the
dyeing and printing arena.

“DyStar has amongst the widest portfolio of products and services and has been a reliable
partner since our inception,” said Dilip B. Jiwrajka, managing director, Alok Industries. “With
this agreement, we will further optimize our technical processes, improve quality, efficiency and
reduce complexity on the supply side.”

“The cooperation with Alok endorses our commitment to provide complete technical solutions to
our valued partners and is a unique opportunity to work closely [with] the largest, most
diversified and fastest growing textile enterprise in India,” said Rajesh Balakrishnan, managing
director, DyStar India Pvt. Ltd.

January/February/March 2010