Sponsors, Attendees Deem China Textile Round Table Forum 2010 A Success

Beijing/Remscheid, 27 January 2010 – The “China Textile Round Table Forum 2010”, hosted by China
Textile Economy Research Centre and “China Textile” Magazine, sponsored by Oerlikon Textile, and
supervised by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), was hold on 27 January 2010 in
the International Conference Centre of KunLun Hotel in Beijing, with the theme of “Structural
Adjustment, Innovation & Development”.

In 2009, under the guidance of “to maintain growth, expand domestic demand and adjust the
structure” policy by the central government and “The Restructuring and Revitalization Planning of
the Textile Industry”, through the hard work of every people in the whole industry, China’s textile
industry has overcome many adverse factors such as the uncertainty of the world economic situation,
dramatic changes in raw material prices, etc., gradually stepped out of the bottom and achieved a
sustained and stable growth. In 2010, China’s economy will continue to face the complicated and
changing international and domestic situation, inflation, trade protectionism, raw material prices,
labor costs, exchange rate fluctuations and other factors. Textile Industry must firmly focus on
adjustment and innovation in a new round of showdowns to strive for a good development trend.
Though it is difficult to change the external environmental factors of the industry, the
self-development route can be controlled and selected. Focusing on theme of Structural Adjustment,
Innovation & Development, China Textile Round Table Forum 2010 is a platform to pass the
information that the economy is bettering to the whole industry, to enhance the industry’s
determination and confidence to develop, and to offer enterprises a route map with clear sense of
direction. Therefore, relevant leaders, experts and scholars from the National Bureau of
Statistics, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Council Development Research
Center, China Textile Industry Association and various professional associations, and notable
entrepreneurs from home and abroad were invited to the forum, made high-end communications and
discussions on the conference theme, and carried a in-depth study on China textile industry
development trends and the measures to confront in 2010.

On the Forum, Mr. Yao Jingyuan, Chief Economist of National Bureau of Statistics made a
speech entitled “2010 China’s Macroeconomic Trends and Policy Measures”. He stated that facing the
financial crisis, the Chinese government made a scientific assessment of the international and
domestic situations and decisively introduced a package of policies including the implementation of
the proactive fiscal policy and moderate loose monetary policy to maintain growth, expand domestic
demand, readjust the structure, and benefit the people’s livelihood, which enabled China to become
the first in the world to stop the downturn of the economy, stabilize it and make it rise up, and
achieve a hard-won success. He predicted that in 2010, China’s economy would be a continuous
process during which economic structure would be optimized; the development methods would be
transformed; service industry, especially the modern service industry, would develop better and
faster; consumption would have a bigger pulling power of the economy; and innovation capacity and
technological progress would contribute more to the economy.

Mr. Thomas Babacan, CEO of Oerlikon Textile delivered a speech entitled “Innovation – The Key
to the Success during the Crisis”. Focusing on textile machinery industry and the self-development
of the enterprises, he analyzed the key points of how to respond to the global challenges to ensure
growth of China textile industry.

On the Forum, Xu Wening, President of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Zheng Zhiyi,
President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Zhu Minru, Director General of China’s
Industrial Textiles Association, and Yang Shibin, Director General of China’s Knitting Association
respectively explained on the operation of various industries in 2009 as well as the key points of
structural adjustment, innovation & development of the industry in 2010. In their view, the
textile industry is an industrial system, among which different sub-sectors of the industrial chain
are interrelated. A unified idea shall guide the industry structural adjustment. It is mentioned in
“The Restructuring and Revitalization Planning of the Textile Industry” that the industry
development shall co-ordinate two markets, strengthen the independent innovation, accelerate the
technological transformation, eliminate the backward, optimize the layout, thus accelerate the pace
of industrial restructuring and upgrading, consolidate the industry position, to make a substantial
pace on the way to be a powerful textile country. 

At the same time, they also stressed that the structural adjustment shall not be a simple
adjustment of the original structure, but an innovation and development process of transforming and
upgrading. Innovation is more of a strategic issue. The goal of industry structural adjustment is
to carry innovation and development to the enterprises. Before, innovation was the development need
of the enterprises, and for now, innovation is the basic points of enterprises’ survival and
competitiveness rather than the development need. Structural adjustment and innovation &
development, for the enterprises, are imminent.

Mr. Sun Huaibin,  Forum Moderator, Editor-in-chief of China’s textile magazine, Director
of China Textile Economy Research Center, said that China’s textile industry has made great
progress in the new century, but is still facing a very grim reality, because our resources and the
environment, demands of real domestic and foreign markets restrict the development of the industry,
which means that we can not walk broader and broader, but further and further high to broaden the
field in the high-end industry, to show the wisdom and ability of China’s textile. Only in this way
can China usher in a glorious era of powerful country. 

At last, Mr. Xu Kunyuan, Vice President of China Textile Industry Association made a
concluding statement. The venue atmosphere was warm. During the discussion, focused issues and
brilliant analysis aroused applauses. About 350 representatives from various sectors attended the

By convention, the delegates attended a dinner reception hold by Oerlikon Group – Oerlikon
Evening. Guests proposed a toast to look forward to a better development trend of the textile
industry in 2010, and creating a better future of China textile industry. The China Textile Round
Table Forum 2010 got a complete success!

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Posted on February 17, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Oerlikon Textile