ACIMIT, Italian Trade Commission To Hold Seminar In Bangladesh

February 2010 — The Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) and the
Italian Trade Commission will hold a technological seminar on “Italian textile machinery: the way
to improve Bangladesh textile competitiveness” in Dhaka on next March 9th.

During the seminar some leading Italian companies (Bellini, Comez, Danti, Fadis, Jaeggli,
Marzoli, Obem, Pentek, Plm, Reggiani, Roj, Salmoiraghi, Santoni, Savio, Unitech) will show their
own case history regarding the Italian leadership in the textile machinery industry, giving an
overview of its updated technologies to the Bangladeshi textile operators.

The seminar attended by an institutional delegation of ACIMIT, leaded by President Mr.
Sandro Salmoiraghi, will represent an occasion for some meetings between ACIMIT Board
representatives and the main authorities of the Bangladesh textile sector and some Country’s
textile association.

The seminar is part of a promotional program that ACIMIT and Italian Trade Commission have
been realizing for many years in order to strengthen the links between Italian textile technology
providers and the local textile operators. The promotional initiatives of this program includes
many technological workshops (the last one occurred in Dhaka in 2008) and training courses in Italy
(the last one in 2009).

The upgrading of installed equipments is considered by Bangladesh companies necessary for
increasing the competitiveness of local industry. In order to reach this goal many investments in
foreign textile technology were accomplished in the last years. The demand of Italian textile
machinery from local companies was very strong in the last five years. During 2004-2008 period
imports of Italian textile machinery grew at an annual rate of 17%.

In 2008 Italian sales to Bangladesh went up to Euro 41 million from Euro 31 million in 2007,
confirming Bangladesh as the third leading Asian market behind only China and India. In the first
nine months of 2009 Italian manufacturers delivered technology to Bangladesh’s market worth around
Euro 18 million.

During the period from January to September 2009 sales of Italian machinery to Bangladesh
were distributed as follows: finishing machinery 58% of total, spinning machines 17%, weaving
machines 14%, accessories 10% and knitting machines 1%.

“Going to Bangladesh – ACIMIT President, Mr. Salmoiraghi, says – our main goal is to
strengthen the relationship between Italian textile machinery manufacturers and Bangladesh textile
industry and to acquaint Bangladeshi operators with excellence, quality and creativity of Italian
textile machinery industry”.

Background information on Italian textile machinery industry and ACIMIT

ACIMIT represents an industrial sector comprising roughly 300 companies employing 14,000
people, which produces machinery for an overall value of 2.5 billion Euros. The quality of the
Italian textile technology is testified by the high number of Countries where the Italian machinery
are sold: about 130. Exports represent 78% of total sales. Asia (with a share of 43%) is the main
destination for Italian sector exports, followed by Europe (34%), Latin America (11%), Africa (7%)
and North America (5%).Italian manufacturers place a great deal of emphasis on meeting the demands
of the global textile industry. Creativity, technology, reliability and quality are the
characteristics that have made Italian machinery products proven winners throughout the
world.Further information:

Posted on February 17, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of ACIMIT