Impression Technology’s DTG Digital Kiosk 3, Viper Printers Now Offer One Pass Printing

Australia-based Impression Technology Pty. Ltd. has introduced DTG One Pass Fast printing
technology for its DTG Digital Viper and Kiosk 3 garment ink-jet printers. Patent-pending
technology permits white base and colored layers to be printed simultaneously in a single pass of
the printing machine, whereas standard ink-jet printers typically require one pass for a
translucent or opaque white layer followed by a second pass for the colored layer of ink.

“Garment printers utilising DTG style equipment now have a faster and in most cases up to
70-percent better production option,” said Stephen Richardson, director, Impression Technology.
“Prints without the need for multiple [passes] drastically increases production times and work
flow. Garment printers can now offer faster turnarounds with greater speeds and gain much greater
control over the colour gamuts required to create truly original and fantastic colour prints to a
whole host of substrates. This breakthrough in technology will have significant impact in the

December 16, 2009