SSM Introduces PS6plus-W Precision Winding Machine

Switzerland-based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, a manufacturer of yarn processing and winding
equipment, has introduced the PS6plus-W, a successor to its PS6 winder. The new high-performance
precision machine winds dye packages and rewinds yarn after dyeing.

SSM reports the fully-automated tensiso™ balloon optimizing system offers increased winding
speeds up to 20-percent higher than previous models, improved yarn unwinding efficiency, a
30-percent reduction in winding tension, a 40-percent reduction in unwinding yarn breaks and
decreased yarn stress and the resulting yarn hariness. The winder’s machine terminal features
simple pictograms for easy data storage and retrieval.

The PS6plus-W can be used with precision winding or Digicone winding, which can produce
denser packages saving energy and costs during dyeing.

November 18, 2009