RadiciGroup Launches PE, PE/PP, Nylon Yarns For Artificial Grass Applications

Italy-based RadiciGroup recently launched the Radigreen® Landscape Excellence line of polyethylene
(PE), PE/polypropylene (PP) and nylon yarns; as well as Radilene® thermoplastic infill for
artificial turf applications.

Radici reports the Radigreen Excellence line is a high-performance complement to its older
Radigreen Landscape Classic line. Landscape Excellence is available in a variety of yarn types from
doubled, twisted or textured monofilament to curly or twisted monotapes and curly or twisted
fibrillated styles. Ultraviolet additives are incorporated into the yarns to slow degradation
caused by the sun. Available yarn colors were selected to mimic the look of natural grass.

As well as performance, the company put environmental concerns at the forefront when
developing the yarns. According to Marianna Panico, Tessiture Pietro Radici research and
development supervisor, the yarns were certified by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety to have a
lead content of less than 50 parts per million (ppm) — well below the strictest regulations of
less than 300 ppm mandated by the US Synthetic Turf Council. Panico also said the yarns are

“From both company and industry standpoints, being able to provide a quality yarn and safety
guarantee is not only a crucial factor to stay competitive, but also an important duty to all the
consumers and end users of our products, even more so if the recreational spaces created with our
yarns are used by young children,” said Luca Girelli, Radigreen sales manager.

November 18, 2009