Mitsubishi To Outsource Soluna PFY Production

Japan-based Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. (MRC) and its subsidiary Mitsubishi Rayon Textile Co. Ltd.
(MTX) have announced they will begin outsourcing production of Soluna polyester filament yarn (PFY)
to companies in the Unitika Group, Japan, including Unitika Ltd., Unitika Fibers Ltd., and
Nippon-Ester Co. Ltd.

Nippon-Ester Co. Ltd. of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, will begin consignment production of
Soluna PFY in October 2009, after which MTX will continue to sell Soluna in yarn or textile form.
MRC will quit producing Soluna PFY at its Toyohashi production center by the end of March 2010, but
will continue research and development on Soluna yarn.

September 16, 2009