Mitsubishi Rayon, Cytec Collaborate On Composites

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. (MRC) — a producer of various polymers and man-made fibers,
including rayon, acrylic and carbon fiber, and advanced composite materials — has entered into a
business agreement with Tempe, Ariz.-based Cytec Engineered Materials (CEM) — a producer of
technologically advanced materials for aerospace, industrial and other demanding environments, and
a business unit of Tokyo-based Cytec Industries Inc. — to collaborate and share technology to
accelerate innovation and the development of carbon fiber reinforced composite products for the
aerospace industry.

Lower-weight designs for improved fuel efficiency are expected to drive an increase in the
use of lightweight composites by the aerospace industry. MRC and CEM have collaborated over the
past several years on high-performance carbon composite materials. Going forward, the two companies
hope to improve their capabilities by leveraging MRC’s knowledge of fiber science and carbon fiber
production technology along with CEM’s knowledge of prepreg processing, and aerospace materials and
advanced resin design.

September 29, 2009