Winner Medical To Provide PurCotton For Feminine Products In China

China-based Winner Medical Group Inc. — a manufacturer of medical dressing products — has agreed to
supply PurCotton raw material to a leading consumer products company in China. The consumer
products company will process the material — which comprises 100-percent cotton nonwoven fabric —
into feminine products, which will be distributed throughout China.

Going forward, Winner Medical expects PurCotton sales to customers in China, Japan, the
United States and other countries to total some $700,000 per month, or approximately 150 metric
tons per month. Two PurCotton manufacturing lines are in place and producing at full capacity, and
a third installed line is expected to increase eventually to normal production capacity. The
company also plans to invest in a fourth line to meet the increased demand.

“This innovative, technologically-enhanced fabric offers significant advantages [over]
synthetic nonwoven products, including eco-friendl[iness], greater absorbency, and higher tensile
strength,” said Jianquan Li, CEO, Winner Medical. “Furthermore, our patented advanced automation
and design process reduces the average cycle time for production of the finished cloth from raw
materials. We consider that this confirms the demand for PurCotton, and we believe PurCotton will
give Winner Medical a strong competitive edge in the global marketplace.”

July 15, 2009