Teijin To Reorganize High Performance Fibers Business

Tokyo-based Teijin Ltd. – the holding company for Teijin Group, a global enterprise consisting of
approximately 160 companies in businesses including man-made fibers, films and plastics, home
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, trading and retail, and information technology – will divide its
High Performance Fibers Business Group into two new groups, Aramid Fibers Business Group and Carbon
Fibers Business Group, effective April 1, 2009.

After Teijin reorganized under a holding company in 2003, High Performance Fibers managed
both aramid and carbon fibers. The two new groups individually will handle aramid and carbon fibers
and will be supervised directly by Teijin’s CEO. Both groups will operate as core businesses under
Teijin’s medium-term business plan for 2009-11.

The Aramid Fibers Business Group will be composed of 13 businesses and subsidiaries,
including core company Teijin Techno Products Ltd; Teijin Aramid B.V.; and other companies. The
Carbon Fibers Business Group will consist of core company Toho Tenax Co. Ltd. along with seven
other companies including Toho Tenax Europe GmbH.

January/February/March 2009