IFAI Establishes Asia Expo, Welcomes OFPANZ

The United States-based Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) will launch IFAI Expo
Asia, a new trade show and conference to serve the Asia-Pacific markets. The event, to be organized
by Singapore-based MP International, will take place April 14-16, 2010, at the Suntec International
Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

“We intend to duplicate the success of our long-established IFAI Expo held in the US,” said
Steven M. Warner, president and CEO, IFAI. “There is a tremendous consumption of specialty fabrics
in the Asia-Pacific region. The current trade shows in India and China focus almost exclusively on
the nonwoven industry. IFAI Expo Asia will now become the first major trade show in the region that
similarly targets as visitors the end-product fabricators who use woven, nonwoven, knit and
composite materials.”

Todd Lindermann, IFAI’s vice president, conference management, added: “For the exhibitors,
IFAI Expo Asia will be unique, appealing to suppliers of all these different types of materials as
well as related equipment and services that are being used. And, we will attract as visitors the
actual fabricators of finished products in applications such as medical, automotive, construction,
safety, military, recreation and structures. Another targeted audience will be those who have
design, application and market influences such as government purchasing agencies, civil engineers
and architects.”

In other company news, the Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ)
recently merged its organization into IFAI. OFPANZ now is IFAI’s third country sector, joining IFAI
Japan and IFAI Canada.

“We are truly excited to welcome into IFAI the OFPANZ organization,” Warner said. “OFPANZ
recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Their membership is comprised of the leading companies in
New Zealand involved in the manufacture of end-products which use specialty fabrics, including
lightweight structures, and agricultural, transportation and protective products.”

November/December 2008