Finetex Technology And Awa Paper Develop Nano Filter Media

Hong-Kong based Finetex Technology Global Ltd. — a manufacturer of electrospun nanoscale fibers and
structures for textile, automotive, and other applications — has joined with Japan-based specialty
paper products manufacturer Awa Paper Co. Ltd. to develop a nano filter media for automobile engine
and gas turbine applications.

The filter is coated with Finetex Technology’s nanofiber web, a spider-web-like sheet
composed of 50- to 300-nanometer-diameter fibers. According to the companies, the new nano filter
media has 50-percent more dust-holding capacity for micro particles such as carbon dust, compared
to conventional engine air filters, and lasts twice as long. The product also has a reduced size,
allowing for a more efficiently designed engine room and improved fuel economy.

November/December 2008