South Korean Army Chooses Helmets Featuring Dyneema® HB26

To obtain the optimum combination of fragment-stopping performance and light weight, the Republic
of Korea has selected protective helmets featuring Dyneema® HB26 material for its army. The 24,000
helmets, manufactured by Samyang Comtech in Seoul, offer up to 20 percent weight savings compared
to conventional aramid helmets, together with a higher ballistics performance when using the v50
test. This significant program is a volume milestone for Dyneema® HB26 in a helmet application, and
demonstrates the acceptance of the material based on its excellent fitness for use in helmets. To
support growing demand for its ballistics protection materials, as evidenced by the South Korean
Army’s large order, DSM Dyneema is on plan to significantly boost capacity for Dyneema® UD
(unidirectional) composites used in life protection. Additional capacity in both yarn and UD
(unidirectional) material has been brought on stream at its Greenville, North Carolina, facility.
DSM Dyneema is on target to double global capacity for UD in 2009, as part of a USD $450 million
investment announced earlier.

Dyneema® HB26 is a unique, lightweight composite providing superior ballistic protection for
both personnel and vehicles. With significant weight reduction vs. aramid, Dyneema® HB26 increases
helmet comfort and wearability, and allows the addition of ancillary equipment such as a visor or
communications gear without overburdening troops. The composite also provides a combination of
excellent mechanical rigidity and toughness, with resistance to temperature extremes and moisture,
and positive buoyancy in water for marine protection.

“With additional production capacity for our industry-leading Dyneema® HB26 composite coming
on line, we will be even better equipped to support development and manufacturing of the best
military and law enforcement protection,” said Josse Kunst, Vice President Life Protection APAC at
DSM Dyneema. “We look forward to working with partners around the world to leverage the advantages
of Dyneema® HB26 for successful life protection applications.”

November 12, 2008

Press Release Courtesy of Dyneema