Singapore Apparel Manufacturers Look To Strengthen Ties With US Retailers

APPAREL SINGAPORE, the Singapore government-supported and newly launched brand for the
Singapore-managed apparel industry, is seeking to strengthen their long-term trusted partnership
with retailers in the United States.


As global competition in apparel sourcing intensifies, U.S. retailers currently facing the
backlash of the economic downturn from the global credit crisis are increasingly reassessing their
sourcing strategy for alternative supply chain and apparel partners.  Apparel Singapore
companies offer the reach and experience to help U.S. retailers stay globally competitive and
improve bottom lines amidst ongoing struggles in the apparel manufacturing industry.


Apparel Singapore  companies already have a proven 40-year track record of working with
80 percent of Top 10 U.S. fashion goods & diversified retailers.  Collectively, Apparel
Singapore companies partner with key global retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Adidas,
Esprit, Gap Inc, Gymboree, JC Penney, Liz Claiborne, Macy’s, Nike, Target and Walt Disney.


Newly launched in July 2008, Apparel Singapore is the first collective brand identity for
Singapore-managed apparel companies. It seeks to raise the profile of Singapore apparel companies
in today’s highly competitive global market, and ultimately grow Singapore’s share of the world
apparel manufacturing business.


Apparel Singapore extensive global footprint spans 20 locations around the world and connects
international retailers to Singapore’s trusted apparel companies. It delivers excellence in global
apparel supply chain and customer relationship management. It is further backed by Singapore’s
international reputation for strong corporate governance, Intellectual Property Protection,
economic competitiveness and stability.


Apparel Singapore is managed by the Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf), and
supported by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and SPRING Singapore. IE Singapore is a
government agency supporting the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies.  SPRING
Singapore is a government agency responsible for growing innovative companies and fostering a
competitive SME sector.

Using its global footprint in 20 locations around the world, Apparel Singapore will have the
flexibility to re-allocate production to different countries to ensure orders will be met. 
Apparel Singapore’s nine member companies, also known as Brand Ambassadors, own and manage multiple
offshore production locations around the world. 


Elaine Pang, General Manager, Macy’s Merchandising Group International, LLC (Singapore
Branch) said, “At Macy’s, we are glad to be able to rely on our Singapore partners throughout the
sourcing process, from design concept to product development and distribution. What buyers also
look for are customized services and uncompromised quality. The manufacturers we work with have
manufacturing bases with good geographical spread, which truly reduces our worries of getting fast
support and minimizing our trade barrier risks.”


Teah Karr-Beasley, Project Manager, Adidas said, “We’ve been working with Bodynits for many
years.  We have a very strong relationship built on trust.  Our Singapore partners are
good communicators, timely, sophisticated and understand our needs well.”  Bodynits is one of
the nine Brand Ambassadors of Apparel Singapore.


Chris Koh, Secretary General, Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf) said the launch
of Apparel Singapore will cast the spotlight on Singapore’s cutting edge advantage in apparel
manufacturing. He said, “The best kept secret is that Apparel Singapore companies have grown over
the past 40 years to become the most trusted and well-established. Our apparel companies are
producing clothes for several of the largest and most reputable global brand names around the


On sourcing challenges in the industry, he said, “Apparel Singapore member brands are all
approved manufacturers of global retailers.  We are bound not only by client agreements and
international regulations, but also business integrity to uphold best business practices and
consistent reliability to protect our customers’ intellectual property rights.”


Singapore’s apparel industry continues to grow significantly with rising export volumes,
through offshore facilities owned by Singapore-managed companies. The industry contributes
significantly to the Singapore economy and generated about US$4.5 billion (S$6 billion) in
manufacturing output in 2007, a 78 percent increase from US$2.5 billion (S$3.2 billion) in 2003.

About Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFf)

 The Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf) was formed through a coalition of the textile
and garment associations in 1981. Singapore’s textile and garment industry has since then
transformed from a manufacturing base to become a regional fashion, marketing and sourcing hub.
Many garment manufacturers have relocated their production out of Singapore. TaFf provides
support  on these fronts: Manufacturing – to educate and provide guidance to encourage
industry to safeguard, add value to their products and raise standards; Marketing – expose the
ASEAN region and beyond to Singapore textile and fashion apparel design; Sourcing – provide
information for local manufacturers on where in ASEAN region and beyond to source for materials;
Designing – provide a platform for Singapore designers and brands to display and sell their
designs; Distributing – encourage different sectors in the textile and apparel supply chain to
become more cost effective logistically. For more information, please visit


 About International Enterprise (IE) Singapore

 International Enterprise (IE) Singapore is an agency under Ministry of Trade and
Industry spearheading development of Singapore’s external economic wing. Our mission is to promote
overseas growth of Singapore-based enterprises and international trade.  With a global network
of more than 30 locations and our “3C” framework of assistance – Connections, Competency, Capital,
we offer services to help enterprises export, develop business capabilities, find overseas partners
and enter new markets.  At the same time, we work to position Singapore as a base for foreign
businesses to expand into the region in partnership with Singapore-based companies. Please visit  for more information.


 About SPRING Singapore

 SPRING Singapore is the enterprise development agency for growing innovative companies
and fostering a competitive SME sector. We work with partners to help enterprises in financing,
capabilities, management development, technology and innovation, and access to markets. As the
national standards and accreditation body, SPRING develops and promotes internationally-recognised
standards and quality assurance to enhance competitiveness and facilitate trade. For more
information, please visit

November 12, 2008

Press Release Courtesy of Apparel Singapore