Rieter Sells Complete Spunlace Line To Avangard

France-based Rieter Perfojet S.a.s. — a manufacturer of nonwovens machinery, and a subsidiary of
Switzerland-based Rieter Textile Systems — has sold a new Rieter spunlace line to Russia-based
Avangard, a manufacturer of fabrics for hygiene and wipes applications. The line will be an
addition to the Rieter spunlace line already in operation at Avangard.

Rieter’s JETlace® series is part of the spunlace line sold to Avangard.

The new line includes opening and blending machines from France-based Laroche S.A.;
France-based NSC nonwoven’s Excelle® card and winder; Rieter’s JETlace® series; and a Rieter dryer.
The line is scheduled to go online in the first half of 2009.

September/October 2008