Performance Fibers Increases Capacity In China To Meet Demand

United States-based Performance Fibers — a global supplier of polyester fibers and fabrics, nylon
6, engineered fabrics, sewing thread fibers and advanced materials — will once again expand
capacity for high modulus, low-shrinkage (HMLS) polyester fiber and fabric at its Kaiping, China,
plant in response to continuing demand from the tire industry. This initiative is part of a
four-year multiphase expansion plan that has been providing support for the production of
Performance Fibers’ DSP® yarn and fabric, which is used in tire reinforcement.

Performance Fibers’ plant in Kaiping, China

“This latest investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meet the global demand of the
tire industry that continues to experience strong growth,” said Greg Rogowski, president and CEO,
Performance Fibers.

The company will add new advanced spinning machines to increase production capacity for HMLS
fiber. The initial phase of this expansion will begin in November, with the following phase
starting operations in early 2009. Performance Fibers also will install additional direct cablers
and air-jet looms to increase fabric capacity, and will expand its existing facility to house the
equipment beginning this quarter, with production beginning in 2009.

September/October 2008