Jiangmen Kam Fung, Inkisaf Select Thies Dyeing Machines

China-based Jiangmen Kam Fung Fibre Technology Co. Ltd. — a knitted fabric manufacturer and a
wholly owned subsidiary of Victory City International Holdings Ltd. — has installed a MPS-D
dyestuff dissolving station manufactured by Germany-based Thies GmbH & Co. KG to use in the
yarn-dyeing operation at Jiangmen Kam Fung’s Xinhui manufacturing complex.

According to Jiangmen Kam Fung, using Thies’ MPS-D system enables the company to accurately
control the supply of dyestuffs and chemicals to more than 100 yarn-dyeing kiers. Jiangmen’s
yarn-dyeing capacity — currently between 80 and 100 metric tons per day — has been growing rapidly.
The operation also is equipped with Thies’ Eco-Bloc high-temperature dyeing machines, Eco-bloc
Quattro units and MPS-L units for liquid chemical volumetric distribution.

Turkey-based commission dyer Inkisaf Dermirtas has invested in Thies machinery for its
fabric-dyeing operations. Inkisaf recently ordered four additional Thies Luft-roto plus fabric
dyeing machines, which according to Thies, not only decrease process times and energy consumption
but also improve the quality of materials processed. 

“Dyeing machines rely on water and chemical consumption, and these new Thies machines are
capable of treating the same amount of fabrics using much less water than two or three of the older
machines we had previously,” said Ali Ihsan Eskin, head of Inkisaf. “And with the same quick
turnaround and flexibility.”

September 17, 2008