PKP Processors Selects Monforts Equipment, Aims For Energy Independence

India-based PKP Processors, a family-owned commission dyer and finisher of yarn, fabric and
finished garments, has selected machinery from Germany-based A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH &
Co. KG, including a DynAir relaxation dryer and a five-chamber tenter, to integrate into its fabric
dyeing line.

The 2.4-meter-wide DynAir dryer accommodates most of the production from six dyeing machines
in the line, which processes up to 7 metric tons of fabrics per day. Further down the line,
following squeezing and padding equipment from a European supplier, the tenter, also 2.4 meters
wide, handles heat-setting functions. The line also includes compacting equipment at the end.

“With the stringent new [energy conservation] measures which are likely to be in place very
shortly in this part of India, this gives us a critical edge,” said S. Vinodh Kumar, managing
director, PKP Processing, which was founded by Kumar’s grandfather in the 1930s, and has been
undergoing expansion over the past few years to fill a void in the area of yarn and fabric dyeing
and finishing services in India.

The company also plans to become energy-independent and operate its own effluent treatment
plant in response to the expected conservation measures and in anticipation of installing a new
inter knit line.

“We are not dependent on any other company and have also recently been investing in windmills
with a view to having our power at other sites,” Kumar added. “This independence is critical to our
plans for the future, including installing the next Monforts line.”

July 23, 2008