Teijin Introduces New Green Standard And Waste Reduction Goals

Tokyo-based Teijin Group Ltd.’s holding group, Teijin Ltd., has unveiled the Japanese fiber
industry’s first system for evaluating the environmental friendliness of products and processes.
Teijin will use its recognition system mainly to evaluate the production process lifecycle based on
six criteria: energy efficiency, resource conservation, security, environmental friendliness,
transparency and environmental impact. Teijin Group employees will use detailed checklists in line
with the new “Teijin Group Guidelines for Environmentally Friendly Design” for assessment, allowing
only those products and processes that comply to be certified under the system. The new system will
be instated July 2008.

Teijin Ltd. also announced new goals for reducing chemical substance and industrial waste
emissions up to fiscal year (FY) 2020, with a commitment to reduce chemical substance emissions by
more than 80 percent and total industrial waste volume by more than 85 percent, compared to the
volume produced in FY 1998. These goals raise the bar on the long-term policy goal that Teijin
adopted in its previous medium-term plan in 2007.

Teijin’s new green standard and waste reduction goals complement its other environmentally
sustainable business developments, such as the Eco Circle™ closed-loop polyester recycling system
and Biofront™ heat-resistant bioplastic.

May 21, 2008