Industrial Nanotech Begins Shipment Of Coatings To Turkey For Textile Plant

Industrial Nanotech Inc., a Naples, Fla.-based supplier of specialty coatings based on
nanotechnology, has shipped the first of 10 sea containers of its Nansulate® energy-saving
protective coatings to its Turkey-based distributor, Kolorgen Ltd., for distribution to Denizli
Basma ve Boya Sanayii A.S. (DEBA). One of Turkey’s largest textile manufacturers — specializing in
cotton dyeing, printing and finishing; as well as cotton apparel and home textiles — DEBA will
apply the coating to textile processing equipment to protect against corrosion and reduce energy

The total order, which will be shipped over the a period of 10 months, is valued at more than
$1 million. Once applied to DEBA’s equipment, the coating is expected to save at least $1 million
annually in energy costs.

According to Industrial Nanotech, two other Turkish textile manufacturers — Henateks and
Keyteks Tekstil — that have applied its Nansulate High Heat insulation and corrosion-prevention
coating to their equipment have achieved up to a 20-percent reduction in energy consumption. At
Henateks, the cost of applying the coating was recouped through energy cost savings in seven
months. At Keyteks Tekstil, which used the coating on its dyeing machines and heat exchangers, the
time required to heat 3 tons of water has been reduced by 25 percent. Keyteks also reduced unit
material production costs in 2007 by 10 percent and saw improvements in dye lot reproducibility as
a result of increased equipment temperature stability.

March 18, 2008