Turkish Textile Producer Installs Thies Dryer

Turkey-based vertically integrated textile manufacturer Özcanlar has installed a yarn pressure
dryer from Germany-based Thies GmbH & Co. KG with the expectation of realizing shortened drying
times and substantial energy savings in its production of cotton and polyester yarns.

The new space-saving dryer completes the company’s new 100,000-square-meter loose open fiber
and yarn-dyeing facility, which also includes 12 recently installed Thies Ecobloc yarn-dyeing
machines that run using Thies’ computerized software package featuring an automated dyestuff,
scaling and dispensing program. Finished production capacity is 55 metric tons per day, of which at
least 60 percent is cotton, with the rest comprising polyester, acrylic and viscose.


Twelve Ecobloc dyers were needed to meet increased yarn requirements for Ozcanlar’s fully
vertical integrated textile operation.

According to Daver Dogan, assistant
to the CEO, Özcanlar, the company selected the Thies dryer on the basis of the technical support
available from Thies’ office in Turkey.

“At the beginning, we were a little unsure, but as we gained experience, we are unlikely to use
any other dryer,” he said.

Özcanlar’s operation, located in Çerkezköy, also includes a fabrics piece-dyeing and
finishing plant that it opened in 2003. The company supplies fabrics to Turkish apparel
manufacturers that export goods to Europe, largely to Russia.

September/October 2007