Xinwu Selects Atlas Copco Air Compressors For New Weaving Plant

atlasopen_CopyWujiang Xinwu Textile — based in Shengze, Jiangsu Province, China — recently
opened its second weaving facility to meet demand for its woven fabrics. The new plant features 288
2.3-meter-wide air-jet weaving machines that operate at speeds of up to 1,250 revolutions per
minute (rpm) and reduce the air requirement by 25 percent.

To supply the new plant with 100-percent oil-free compressed air, Xinwu purchased 4 rotary
screw air compressors from Sweden-based Atlas Copco. The company selected one ZR 315 VSD and three
ZR 400 compressors.

According to Xiang Xin Rong, Xinwu plant technician, the units have lived up to their
reputation and have operated maintenance-free in the plant.

Xinwu’s ZR 400 model compressors have a maximum working pressure of 7.5 bar, an input
pressure of 355 kilowatts (kW) and rotational shaft speed of 1,485 rpm. The ZR 315 VSD model
compressor exhibits a maximum working pressure of 8.6 bar, an input power of 285 kW and rotational
shaft speed of 3,000 rpm.

Atlas Copco’s variable speed drive also offers an energy savings of up to 25 percent,
according to the company.

March/April 2007