Fong’s Donates HK$15 Million To HKUST

Hong Kong-based Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd., a member of Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd., has
donated HK$15 million (approximately US$1.93 million) to the Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology (HKUST) to support the university’s advanced materials and processing research and
development activities.

Since 1991, HKUST has offered undergraduate- and graduate-level research-based instruction in
science, technology, engineering, management and business studies; as well as providing
post-graduate learning and research opportunities in those fields, and assisting in Hong Kong’s
economic and social development. The university boasts an all-Ph.D. faculty numbering more than
400, and in 2006 achieved the rank of 17th among technology universities globally, according to the
Times Higher Education Supplement league table of the world’s top 100 universities in technology.

Mr. Fong Sou Lam presents a check for HK$15 million to Dr. John Chan and President Paul

Fong’s Industries, founded in 1963 by Fong Sou Lam, manufactures textile dyeing and finishing
machinery. The company has a workforce of some 3,800 people and serves more than 7,000 customers

“The donation from Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd. is a shining example of corporate
support of university research at its absolute best,” said John C.C. Chan, Ph.D., HKUST Council
chairman, in remarks made during the donation ceremony. “It grew out of a very fruitful and happy
collaboration between the Fong’s Group and HKUST in other projects over the past few years.”

“The HK$15 million donated by Mr. Fong Sou Lam is expected to be matched two to one by the
government’s Grant Matching Scheme, giving us more resources for research and education,” added
Paul C.C. Chu, Ph.D., president of the university. “This far-sighted investment in research and
development is the key to [Fong’s’] success and continued global leadership in the industry.”

“In order to maximize the benefits of this donation, the university will be establishing the
Fong’s Institute of Advanced Materials and Processing with the aim to further enhance the
university’s capability in the research and development of advanced materials and processing,’ said
Bill Fong, executive director, Fong’s Industries. “It is also our hope that the donation will in
the long term help to strengthen the already well-established teaching and research capabilities of
the university in other areas.”

January/February 2007