Xinlang Sinoer Purchases Additional Eton UPSs

Xinlang Sinoer Dress Co. Ltd., one of China’s largest apparel companies, has added three more
automated unit production systems (UPSs) from Sweden-based Eton Systems AB to its men’s suits
production facility in Zhucheng, Shandong province, China. Eton systems now represent roughly 60
percent of Xinlang Sinoer’s plant equipment.

“We have continued to invest in Eton Systems because they help us build sustainable
competitive advantages,” said Tony Chen, general manager, foreign trade department, Xinlang Sinoer.
“Specifically, the Eton systems helps us improve product quality, dramatically increase factory
efficiency and reduce our production cycle times. Even with our globally competitive labor rates,
we know that other regions such as India are competing on price for the same programs. And as
consumer demand for higher quality grows, we continue to automate our processes to ensure that we
can consistently deliver quality products in order to grow our domestic market share.”

The UPS features an overhead conveyor that automates product transportation during
production, eliminating nonproductive operator handling. In addition, the system collects
shop-floor data and minimizes workspace requirements, according to Eton.

Xinlang Sinoer supplies annually more than 13 million apparel units including men’s shirts,
jackets and trousers; women’s dresses; fashion garments; sweaters; and T-shirts.

November/December 2006