Australian Wool Companies, Trust Form Training Center

Wool research and development company
Australian Wool Innovation Ltd., the International Fibre Centre — a textile processing and
manufacturing education and training company, and the Australian Wool Education Trust — a fund
provider for undergraduate and/or postgraduate training in wool and wool science and technology —
have founded the Australian Wool Textile Training Centre. The center, which will be housed within
the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Geelong, Victoria, will offer
courses designed for international wool industry professionals who want to increase their knowledge
and skills, especially in the use of Australian wool.

The center will offer its first series of courses from Sept. 18 to Oct. 3, 2006. The courses
will focus on all sectors of the wool textile industry — from growers, brokers, buyers and service
providers to processors, textile manufacturers, designers, retailers and merchandisers.
Participants may earn a certificate upon completion of one or more of the seven courses, which also
will feature industry tours and demonstrations.

The program also will offer the opportunity to learn more about the Australian wool
pipeline, including how that wool is purchased, manufactured into textile products and

July/August 2006