Cotton Incoporated Forms Global Product Supply Chain Division

Cotton Incorporated, Cary, N.C., has brought several divisions together into a new Global Product
Supply Chain division with the objective of improving cotton’s position and profitability in the
global marketplace. Mark Messura, who has been promoted to executive vice president from his former
position as vice president, Strategic Planning, heads the new division — which includes the former
Textile Research, Fashion Marketing, Global Product Marketing and Strategic Planning divisions.

“By repositioning certain departments, we are able to be more flexible and responsive to the
rapidly changing global market,” said J. Berrye Worsham, president and CEO. “We need to better link
and prioritize the research developments with the worldwide implementation of those services.
Bringing it all under one division will help us do that.”

Worsham praised Messura’s strategic planning experience and qualifications to lead the new
division. Messura previously managed Cotton Incorporated’s fiber economics research, consumer and
market research, and corporate planning programs. He also serves as vice chairman of the
International Forum for Cotton Promotion, comprised of 17 cotton industry organizations from 13
countries and dedicated to expanding the global market for cotton by promoting local consumption.

May/June 2006