James H. Heal Opens Hong Kong-Based Service Center

England-based James H. Heal Co. Ltd. has founded Healink Asia, a new service center located in Hong
Kong with the purpose of offering timely and affordable service to customers in the region.


Healink Asia’s new Hong Kong-based service center offers maintenance and calibration
services, among other services.

Customers in Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, the
Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will have access to the services, which include
training, installation and commissioning, and maintenance and calibration of Heal’s fabric- and
color-testing equipment. China-based Introtech Ltd. is Heal’s partner in the operation, which is
staffed by local engineers and operates under Healink, Heal’s Service and Calibration Division.

“The creation of Healink Asia is a vital step towards offering a more responsive and
affordable after-sales service in this important textile area,” said Neil Pryke, Healink manager.

March/April 2006