New ACIMIT Board Holds First Meeting

The newly elected board of the Italy-based Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers
(ACIMIT), an organization dedicated to supporting its member companies and aiding them to grow
their business activities worldwide, recently held its first meeting. ACIMIT President Paolo Banfi,
president of Italy-based Comez S.p.A., led the proceedings.

New ACIMIT Board Members at their first meeting

Top row (left to right): Fiorenzo Ghiardo, Nuova Roj Electrotex S.r.l., board member;
Vittorio Mandelli, Mazzini Ici S.p.A., board member; Luca Protti, Protti Fashiontronix S.p.A.,
board member; and Massimo Becheri, Laip S.r.l., board member.

Second row (left to right): Andrea Certo, Finlane S.p.A., board member; Gianbattista Garza,
Lonati Group, board member; and Sergio Dell’Orco, Dell’Orco & Villani S.r.l., board member.

Third row (left to right): Federico Ormezzano, Lawer S.p.A., vice president; Marco
Piovanelli, Omega Center S.r.l., board member; Luciano Corain, Smit S.p.A., vice president; and
Asterio Magheri, Effedue S.r.l., board member.

Fourth row (left to right): Raffaella Carabelli, Fadis S.p.A., board member; Umberto Protti,
Protti Fashiontronix, past ACIMIT president;  Roberta Anceschi, Simet S.r.l., board member;
Daniele Pellissetti, Savio S.p.A. (Itema Group), vice president; and Rossano Biancalani, Biancalani
S.p.A., board member.

Fifth row (left to right): Stefano Nesi, Hi-Cad S.r.l., board member; Paolo Banfi, Comez
S.p.A., president; and Federico Pellegata, ACIMIT director.

January/February 2006