Lenzing Expands Sales And Marketing Presence In India

Based on brand customer sourcing strategies and favorable growth predictions for the textile
industry in India, Austria-based Lenzing AG has decided to increase its presence in the country by
establishing an office in Mumbai. Opening during the first half of 2006, the office will employ a
team of technicians and marketing personnel to promote and support the use of Lenzing branded
fibers by Indian textile companies. Lenzing, with the assistance of Stuti Exports Pvt. Ltd., has
been active in India for several years, but is looking to increase its presence in 2006. Many brand
companies already have established sourcing offices in India to source and produce goods in India.

Lenzing also is actively promoting its brands in India by offering such events as the Lenzing
Fiber Movement, held in November 2005.

“India represents a strategic market for Lenzing since it is becoming increasingly important
as an export and domestic market for textiles,” said Thomas Fahnemann, chairman. “… [I]t makes
sense that Lenzing should follow suit and do the same as its customers — since many of the brand
manufacturers are already indirectly our customers — whilst at the same time ensuring the optimum
supply of the textile chain with fibers to Indian producers.”

January/February 2006