Global Fabric Yarn Output On The Rise

Global Fabric, Yarn Output On The Rise
The Switzerland-based International Textile Manufacturers Federation’s fourth-quarter 2004 State of Trade Report disclosed record-high global fabric production and slightly higher yarn production over thirdquarter output.Fabric output increases in Asia totaled 18.7 percent for the quarter and 56.9 percent for the year. Increases in Europe totaled 9.5 percent for the quarter and 6.2 percent for the year.North and South America saw decreases of 3.2 percent and 22.6 percent, respectively, for the quarter.Global yarn production was up 0.3 percent for the quarter and 2 percent for the year. Europe’s 7.5-percent quarterly gain balanced a 7.6-percent drop in South America, and Asian output rose 0.5 percent against North America’s 0.6-percent decline.Fourth-quarter global yarn inventories rose 4.1 percent, including 16.9-percent and 12.5-percent gains, respectively, in North and South America, 1.6 percent in Asia and 0.8 percent in Europe. For the year, global yarn inventories rose 16.2 percent.Global fabric stocks rose 2.2 percent for the quarter, with a 10.5- percent gain in Asia; and declined 3.3 percent, 2.9 percent and 0.6 percent, respectively, in North and South America and Europe. For the year, gains included 57.5 percent in Asia, 9.7 percent in South America and 2 percent in Europe; against a 3.3-percent decline in North America.
July/August 2005