Solutia Creates Vydyne Automotive Global Team

Solutia CreatesVydyne Automotive Global Team
U.S.-based Solutia Inc. has formed a global development team under the name Vydyne Automotive to provide nylon-based product solutions for the automotive market.Vydyne® is Solutia’s trade name for its injection molding nylon resins, which are used in vehicle powertrain, chassis, and interior and exterior applications.The company has combined product offerings and personnel from its Vydyne nylon resins operations and its Technical Nylon Fibers Division under Vydyne Automotive. Technical nylon fibers are used in airbags, hoses, high-performance tires, high-end automotive interiors and other products requiring nylon 6,6 properties.“The Vydyne Automotive marketing effort offers us an excellent opportunity to showcase the breadth of nylon products and services we have for the OEM,Tier 1 and 2, and replacement automotive markets,” said John Jurecko, automotive marketing, Nylon Resins.The Vydyne Automotive team includes sales and marketing representatives in North America, Asia and Europe.
March/April 2005