Jakob Muller SB-Breitenbach Announce Merger

Jakob Müller, SB-Breitenbach Announce Merger
Narrow fabric knitting and weaving machinery producer Jakob Müller AG and continuous dyeing, printing, fixing, dressing and coating machinery producer SB-Breitenbach Maschinen AG — both based in Switzerland — have merged into one company. All SB operations have been assumed by the Jakob Müller Group. SB formerly operated as part of Bandfabrik Breitenbach AG, Switzerland, a manufacturer of fancy ribbons. For more than 40 years, SB has manufactured finishing machinery for elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics, selling its products under the name System Breitenbach.Prior to the merger, SB and Jakob Müller had established a strategic alliance to provide comprehensive solutions to their customers. Now, according to Jakob Müller, the merger enables “integrative consulting for every phase of manufacture, a machine pool that meets every need and [signals] our clear responsibility as a systems supplier.”
March/April 2005