First Private/Public Eco-Textile Research Center Opens In India

First Private/Public Eco-TextileResearch Center Opens In China

Esquel Group, Hong Kong, and Zhejiang University Of Sciences (formerly Zhejiang Institute of
Science & Technology), China, have recently established a joint eco-textile research center.The
collaboration marks the first time a private enterprise has partnered with an academic institution
to foster scientific research on eco-textile production. According to Esquel, a vertically
integrated cotton shirt producer, it will finance the operation of the center, which is housed on
campus at the university, as well as the initiation of eco-textile research projects. In addition,
the company also will provide support for converting new technologies for commercialization.The
scope of research to be conducted will encompass all aspects and stages of eco-textile
manufacturing, including ecoadd-on technologies. Esquel said the partnership will inject vital
energy into textile and apparel research in China.

Fall 2004