World Textile Output And Stocks Down In Q3 2003

World Textile OutputAnd Stocks Down In Q3 2003

The most recent State of Trade Report from the International Textile Manufacturers
Federation, Switzerland, notes continuing declines in global yarn and fabric production, with gains
in Asia insufficient to offset lower production elsewhere. Global yarn and fabric inventories also
were lower, led by drawdowns in Asian countries.Third-quarter 2003 global yarn production declined
by 0.7 percent to its lowest point since year-end 1998. Asian production increased by 3.4 percent,
while European production declined by 8.2 percent and North American production by 9.3 percent.
Annualized output was down by 4.8 percent, with North American production 18.1 percent lower than
the previous year. Q3 fabric output was down by 0.8 percent, with Asia registering a gain of 5.7
percent against European and North American declines of 6.7 percent and 9.6 percent, respectively.
Annualized global fabric output was up by 2 percent, bolstered by Asia’s 24-percent gain over
year-earlier production. Globally, yarn inventories were down by 9.1 percent for the quarter, while
the year-to-date decline was 0.6 percent. Asia and North America registered reductions of 10.7
percent and 11.9 percent, respectively.On an annual basis, Asian inventories grew by 4.3 percent,
while U.S. stocks declined by 16.6 percent and European stocks by 4.1 percent. Fabric stocks
declined by 4.7 percent for the quarter, with Asian, European and U.S. drops of 10.6 percent, 3.9
percent and 2.7 percent, respectively. Year-to-date global inventories rose by 3.2 percent, with
Europe showing a sharp gain of 22.9 percent.

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