Kuester’s To Install China’s Largest Calender

Kuesters To InstallChina’s Largest Calender

Kuesters Shanghai Co. Ltd., China, a subsidiary of Germany-based Eduard Küsters
Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, recently announced that Zhejiang Shaoxing Tianpeng New Textile
Material Textile Co. Ltd., China, has placed an order for a Kuesters Hot S-Roll Calender type
412.70.The roller, which measures 5,600 millimeters, will make the calender biggest of its kind in
China, according to Kuesters.The Calender is equipped with a Hot-S-Roll 250 and will be used to
produce spun-bond polyester and polypropylene ranging from 20 to 230 grams per square meter in

Zhejiang Shaoxing Tianpeng’s Gao Fu (left) and Kuesters Shanghai’s Ulrich Mierswa at the
ceremony celebrating Tianpeng’s order of a Kuesters Hot S-Roll Calender.

Summer 2004