Vanya Silk Marts To Promote Non-Mulberry Silks

Vanya Silk Marts ToPromote Non-Mulberry Silks

India’s Central Silk Board (CSB) is planning to showcase India’s non-mulberry silks by
creating Vanya Silk Marts.The first will be set up in Delhi early this year with others to follow
in Mumbai and Bangalore, said P Joy Oommen, CSB member secretary and CEO.Vanya is the brand name
given to silk varieties such as Eri, Muga and Tussah.The new initiative is part of the CSB’s
strategy to create awareness of the Vanya brand in India and abroad. CSB will invest 9 million
Indian rupees in the Delhi Vanya Mart. An online trading system also will be available.India
produces about 1,300 metric tons of Vanya silks annually and mostof it is consumed domestically

Spring 2004