Schlafhorst Installs 50,000th Saurer Czech NSB 32 Spinbox, Delivers BD 330 Machines

Schlafhorst Installs 50,000thSaurer Czech NSB 32 Spinbox,Delivers BD 330 Machines

Germany-based W. Schlafhorst AG & Co., a business unit of Switzerland-based Saurer Group,
recently presented the 50,000th NSB 32 spinbox to a textile mill operated by Ramco Group, India.The
NSB 32 is manufactured by Saurer Czech A.S., Czech Republic, which operates as part of Schlafhorst,
for the BD 320 semiautomatic rotor spinning machine. The spinbox uses the Electronic Vacuum
Adjustment (EVA) system to regulate the spinning vacuum produced by the suction system.Ramco’s
Textile Division operates more than 1,800 Saurer Czech spinning positions. In addition to the BD
320 machines, Ramco also has installed new BD 330 semi-automatic rotor spinning machines to spin
50-tex to 36-tex cotton knitting and weaving yarns used in its knitting and weaving operations.

John Cundill (left), CEO, Schlafhorst, presents the 50,000th NSB 32 spinbox to P.R.
Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, chairman, Ramco Group, Textile Division.“The new Saurer Czech BD 330
generation is extremely productive and flexible, and requires significantly less energy than other
manual or semi-automatic rotor spinning machines,”said P.R. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, chairman, Ramco
Group,Textile Division. “A further merit of the new BD machine is the large assortment of spinning
components, which allows the machine to spin rotoyarns for a wide range of applications.”

Spring 2004