US Invokes Safeguard Rules Against Chinese Textile Products

U.S. Invokes Safeguard RulesAgainst Chinese Textile Products
In response to petitions filed by American textile manufacturers, the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) voted on November 17 to invoke safeguard relief on three textile products imported from China. The announcement was made by Commerce Secretary Donald Evans.The U.S. Department of Commerce, which chairs CITA, said that it will begin negotiations with China that could result in the imposition of temporary import quotas on brassieres, dressing gowns and knit fabrics. The action was taken under the so-called “safeguard mechanism” in the U.S./China textile agreement that allows the United States to impose quotas on products that are found to cause market disruption.In making the announcement, Commerce Secretary Donald Evans said,“This decision demonstrates the Bush administration’s commitment to our trade rules and American workers. I believe this will advance our future dealings with China, for no market operates fairly without open dialogue. We look forward to beginning our consultations with the People’s Republic Of China with the goal of achieving a mutually beneficial result on this issue.”

U.S. Commerce Secretary Donald Evans announced the decision to invoke safeguard relief on three textile imports from China.While negotiations will begin soon, there is no guarantee quotas will be imposed, but these action strengthens the possibility of that happening.
Winter 2003