Neumag Offers CAMTRAS 3002 Winder

Neumag Offers CAMtrAS 3002 Winder
Germany-based Neumag GmbH & Co. KG has launched the CAMtrAS 3002 winder as the newest edition of its RK III winder.The new winder retains the dimensions of the RK III and can be retrofitted onto a customer’s existing line, reducing maintenance costs.The CAMtrAS 3002 combines the attributes of the RK III, which fits below most texturizing units, with state-of-the-art technology. New features include: use of Siemens standard electrical components; improved durability of yarn displacement and turntable parts; a bobbin expelling device and thread guiding elements; simplified electronics; a 12 Mbaud Profibus without hardware contacts and a faster software controller; and a bobbin holder that combines the Barmag bobbin holder clamping system with Neumag’s yarn catching system.
Winter 2003