Lectra Introduces New Automatic Marker-Making Software And Cutting Systems

Lectra Introduces New AutomaticMarker-Making Software And Cutting Sytems
France-based CAD/CAM software and hardware supplier Lectra has introduced the latest version of its Diamino V5 marker-making software as well as several new Vector Mass Production cutting systems.The Diamino software comes in three packages: Diamino BasicMark for companies that require low-volume markers; Diamino MarkPack, whose Shaker function results in materials savings of up to 1 percent by automatically tightening the placement of all the pieces after the interactive process; and Diamino MarkPro, which allows both automatic and interactive marker-making. In addition, the optional Expert module allows automated batch processing of markers. The three Vector cutting systems for Mass Production (MP) now available are Vector-Fashion MP, VectorLingerie MP and VectorFurniture MP.The MP line is equipped with a bristle block self-cleaning system that allows for prolonged use in intensive production conditions. In addition, the Eclipse option, which enables cutting while the material advances automatically, increases productivity by up to 10 percent, according to Lectra. A preprogrammed connection to Lectra’s call centers also is available.
Winter 2003