Bruckner Delivers Finishing Lines To Russia Pakistan

Brückner Delivers FinishingLines To Russia, Pakistan
Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, supplied a tenter at the beginning of this year to Popular Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd., Pakistan, a home textiles and fabrics manufacturer and supplier. Recently, the company purchased two additional tenters and Brückner’s new Thermosol dyeing range.

OJCS, Russia, installed a Brückner seven-compartment split-flow air circulation tenter for its terry fabric finishing process.Brückner also has supplied Russiabased OJCS Donetskaya Manufactura M, a manufacturer of terry and jersey fabrics from ring and open-end yarn in a variety of widths, with a seven-compartment split-flow air circulation tenter, and a padder and straightening unit for its terry fabric finishing. Konstantin Kuzin, owner of OJCS, explained that Brückner finishing lines were chosen for their productivity parameters. He added,“Brückner offers the service that we, as a company oriented towards the international market, expect.”
Winter 2003