Sympatex Collaborates With Korean Fabric Manufacturers

Sympatex Collaborates WithKorean Fabric Manufacturers

Germany-based Sympatex Technologies GmbH, maker of the Sympatex® line of lightweight,
non-porous polyester membranes used in weatherproofing activewear, announced it will begin a
collaborative venture with two fabric manufacturers in Korea for the Autumn/Summer 2004/2005
season. In addition, the new partnership will launch a special Sympatex laminates
collection.Sympatex will collaborate with Pakatex Co. Ltd., a fabric manufacturer for the
leisurewear market, and Kolon TTA Inc., a fabric supplier to the active-sportswear market. In the
future, Sympatex’s garment manufacturing partners will be able to source laminates made in Asia for
direct shipment to their factories.

Sympatex® HIGH2OUT: The top green layer is the outer material. The middle layer is the
non-porous Sympatex membrane, whose hydrophobic elements prevent water and wind from passing into
the garment while allowing water vapor molecules to pass from the inside of the garment to the
outside. The bottom water-absorbing layer transports sweat from the skin toward the membrane.
Sympatex says the demand for direct availability of functional materials and laminated fabrics in
Asia, as well as the rapid economic development in China and other Asian metropolitan centers,
prompted the partnerships. The company hopes the resulting logistics network will help expand its
customer base and enhance its growth potential.Peter Mügge, managing director, says, ”We decided on
a collaborative venture with these two firms [because] they have enormous expertise when it comes
to fabric quality and excellent contacts in the industry. By the same token, our brand is treated
with huge respect over there — so this high-quality production venture will also increase the
profile of our Korean partners.”

Fall 2003