SMIT Launches Global Service Organization

SMIT LaunchesGlobal Service Organization

Italy-based SMIT S.p.A., formerly Sulzer Tessile, has inaugurated a global organization to
provide spare parts and service for the Sulzer Textil G6300 and G6300F rapier weaving machines.
SMIT took over manufacturing operations for the G6300 line from Switzerland-based Sultex Ltd. in
June — which was acquired in 2002 by the Italy-based Itema Group’s subsidiary Promatech — as part
of SMIT’s separation from Sultex.SMIT became a stand-alone company under a decision by the European
Union’s Antitrust Commission to ensure a high level of competition in the European rapier weaving
machine market by reducing the Itema Group’s strength in that market following the acquisition.

SMIT’s new service organization will supply spare parts for Sulzer’s G6300 rapier weaving
machine. “Our company is fully committed to [providing] customers with a high added-value service,
keeping a direct presence [to be] able to fit … the offer with the requirements and expectations of
the market,”said Luciano Corain, CEO, SMIT.The new spare parts and service organization will supply
original spare parts and services for all G6300 and G6300F machines, including those manufactured
in the past and those currently being made by SMIT.

Fall 2003