IndiaTex Formed To Represent Indian Textile Industry

IndiaTex Formed ToRepresent Indian Textile Industry

A new umbrella organization has been formed in India to help the textile industry in that
country to take on challenges of the post-2005 quota-free world. IndiaTex, said to be similar to
Euratex, the European textile industry organization, met for the first time in Mumbai in early
September.IndiaTex, the first Indian textile industry-specific organization, says it expects to
become the sole voice of the Indian textile industry by consolidating the different existing
industry associations under its banner.Currently, there are more than 10 such organizations,
including the Indian Spinners Mills Association, the Indian Cotton Mills Federation (ICMF), the All
India Texturised Association, the Fabric Processors Association, the Federation of Indian Art-Silk
Weaving Industry, the All Indian Knitters Association, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of
India, and the Association of Man- Made Fibre Industry (AMFI). Until now, these associations have
been catering to their individual sectors of the industry. As a uniform, single body, IndiaTex is
available to help its members negotiate terms under the World Trade Organization’s rules.Nikhil
Meswani, executive director of Reliance Industry Ltd. and chairman of the Association Of Synthetic
Fibre Industry (ASFI), has taken the initiative and will invite domestic textile industry members
to join this new platform. As of press time, IndiaTex has yet to form an official board.

Fall 2003