Despite Lower Revenues, Lectra Sees Growth In Asia

Despite Lower Revenues,Lectra See Growth In Asia

Lectra, a France-based supplier of textile CAD/CAM software and hardware, recently announced
its fiscal 2002 results . The company posted revenues of $188 million for the year ended March 31,
reflecting a 5-percent decrease compared to fiscal year 2001.Despite lower revenues, Lectra says it
is committed to its objectives of becoming the leading supplier of textile CAD/CAM products in the
United States before the end of 2004 and of strengthening its leadership position in China.In the
first half of 2003, orders jumped 19 percent in North America and 56 percent in Asia, where the
company is expanding rapidly with a 30-percent market share, 1,000 customers and 100 employees.
Lectra’s Asian headquarters is located in Shanghai; the company also operates a call center in Hong
Kong to serve its Asian customers.

Fall 2003