Akin Tekstil Installs EVS Web Inspection System

Akin Tekstil InstallsEVS Web Inspection System

Israel-based Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS) announced that Akin Tekstil, a Turkey-based
producer and seller of dyed yarn and dyed fiber fabrics, will integrate EVS’ I-TEX™ inspection
system into the weaving process at its new production mill in Kirklareli.The I-TEX vision
inspection system detects, memorizes, locates and grades weaving defects on greige
fabrics.According to EVS, Akin Tekstil will use the system to inspect fine greige fabrics for
defects such as broken yarns, starting marks, missing threads, oil stains and holes.Since its
establishment in 1991, EVS has sold more than 300 vision inspection systems worldwide.

Fall 2003