Dow XLA Receives Fiber Subclass Generic Name

Dow XLA™ Receives Fiber Subclass, Generic Name
Dow XLA™, the olefin-based fiber from Dow Fiber Solutions, a part of the Midland, Mich.-based Dow Chemical Co., that combines a specially-modified, cross linked polymer with Dow’s Insite™ technology, has been awared its own fiber subclass and generic name, Lastol, from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Stretch clothing made with Dow XLA will now have Lastol printed on the label.Dow XLA, which has high heat-resistant properties and can withstand harsh chemical treatments from both manufacturer and consumer, adds comfort stretch to natural, man-made, or blended fabrics without need of special manufacturing conditions or consumer laundering instructions.”We have already proven that Dow XLA offers significant processing efficiencies at the mill level. The FTC generic subclass designation of Lastol helps to validate that our stretch fiber offers unique chemistry and benefits that, we feel, the entire value chain can enjoy,” said Juan-Carlos Cuadrado, global business director, Dow Fiber Solutions.February 2003